RG&A is a New Zealand-based consultancy specialising in: leisure planning and development for territorial authorities; recreation resource assessment for commercial developments; recreation and tourism research; and concession management for tourism operations on public and private land.


Assessments of environmental effect Robust AEE research and reporting. RG&A has completed AEEs for numerous energy schemes (Meridian Energy, TrustPower, King Country Energy, Bay of Plenty Energy, Contact Energy, Mighty River Power and MainPower, amongst others), subidivisions and tourism developments.
Expert evidence Preparation of assessments of environmental effects for recreation, and delivery of expert evidence at resource consent and other planning hearings (such as subdivisions, marine farms, hydro schemes, wind farms and forestry developments).
Management plans (asset, reserve) and recreation planning Research, policies and strategies for assessing, developing and locating recreation facilities and services, including co-ordinating public consultation and asset management processes. Experienced in working with territorial authorities, conservation management authorities, communities, trusts and other public agencies.
Market and resource research Formal and informal research systems for leisure planning, commercial developments and community services, including qualitative research, on-site interview-based surveys, focus groups and door-to-door surveys.
Concession management Negotiating concessionaire applications for tourism agencies and assessing environmental impacts.
Facilitation Managing consultation and stakeholder engagement, including mediation, focus groups and public meetings.
Photo-journalism The company operates a small photo-library (~ 3000 images) specialising in outdoor recreation and tourism. Rob Greenaway has had over 100 articles published in magazines and newspapers in New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Click here to see some examples.